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A tech blog on how to create various test automation frameworks from scratch as well as tips on automation best practices.

I recommend some basic programming knowledge before following my guides.  Any questions, please feel free to contact me using the links in the sidebar, email me or leave a comment on a particular blog post. Happy testing!

Also, a very special shoutout to one of the best Developers I know, dark0dave, who helped train me up in programming and get me to where I am today. You can view his Gitlab here

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On The Roadmap…

  • Running Dockerised Selenium tests in Jenkins
  • Why using ‘PageFactory’ in Page Object Model can actually be a bad thing / an anti-pattern
  • Web UI Automation Framework with Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber and Python
  • How good are ‘ExpectedConditions’ really?
  • Setting up a framework with Cypress / Javascript
  • Testing REST APIs with Javascript & Frisby.js
  • Testing Windows applications with Appium and WinAppDriver
  • Testing native Android apps with Android Espresso
  • Testing native iOS apps with Swift and XCUITest
  • Top tips around BDD
  • Creating a test framework with Serenity BDD and Screenplay pattern
  • Updating WebDriverIO blog series to v5